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The CodeMemos application will help you to manage your snippets (text fragments). Written in Java, it is a multiplatform application, so it can be used in Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Created for programmers, web designers or database developers. Quickly find your snippets and reuse them, without the need to develop them from scratch again.

Use it on the operating system of your choice: Windows XP / 7 / 8, Apple OS X, major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, SUSE, RedHat, Fedora, …). The only requirement is the Java VM version 1.6 or higher.

It is simple to create a code fragment, organize it into categories and languages, reuse it when needed. Save time and avoid the need to rewrite your code / designs every time or search it in large (old) project.

CodeMemos version 0.9.3 available. See download information below or read the release blog post.
CodeMemos features:
  • Store code fragments with description
  • Organize fragments by category
  • Syntax highlighting for over 30 programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, JSP, PHP, EML, and many more …
  • Code editor features: undo / redo, code folding, drag and drop, bracket matching, current line highlighting, open links
  • Search and find the stored categories and snippets
  • Export code memos to text, html or the language specific file
  • Automatic, customizable backup to keep your data safe
  • Usable on Windows (stable version), Linux (beta version) or Mac OS (beta version). It requires Java VM (JRE version 1.6 and up)
Want a new feature? Use the Feature requests page to vote or propose a new function.

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Windows setup release
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Portable release (zip)
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Linux package
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6 Responses so far.

  1. Juha says:

    I really like CodeMemos so far. It seems to be the only standalone snippet manager currently in active development, and it’s also portable! However, I have a few suggestions that I believe would make the program faster and easier to use (at least for me):

    # possibility to set default syntax highlighting for a category, so you don’t have to select it every time

    # possibility to hide the Description field altogether, because, personally, I comment my snippets and never use it anyway

    # if the above isn’t possible, it would be nice if you could have
    a) Source Code tab as default instead of Description when adding/editing a snippet and
    b) bigger area for source code / smaller area for Description when viewing a snippet

    # possibility to copy snippet with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + C copies only snippet’s name)

    # possibility to *easily* use the program without mouse (mouse is slow)

    # custom icons for categories to help find things faster

    # possibility to get syntax highlighting without script tags (eg. without “<?php" for PHP)

    # it would be nice if there wasn't a separate edit mode, so you could just single click a snippet and jump straight into editing it

    # possibility to paste a new snippet from clipboard with a keyboard shortcut (eg. Ctrl + Shift + V, for example), which would create a new snippet with the code from clipboard already in place

    # personally, I would prefer if I didn't have to open and save individual snippets but there would be a global save functionality instead that would save all the snippets with a single click / keyboard shortcut

    For some ideas how things could work I suggest you take a look at The Guide (, which is an outliner program. It isn't being developed anymore, but I believe having similar simplicity in the user interface (with keyboard shortcuts) would improve Code Memos tremendously.

    Anyway, thanks for a great program. I hope it has a long life. :)

    • Thank you for the interest shown. I’ll make a list and add all the requested features to it. The users will be able to watch the development status of their requests.

    • Juha says:

      That’s awesome! I understand that some of my suggestions are not trivial to implement, so it’s great that you are even considering them. I think the keyboard shortcuts, default syntax highlighting and Source code as the default active tab would have the most significant impact on productivity at the moment.

      Can’t wait for the next version. :)

  2. Ali says:

    +1 for search feature! ;)

  3. igavier says:

    Consider the option for search snippet, it’s perfect.

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